Welcome to my blog. I’m Calli Kennedy; a happy wife and a mother of a beautiful daughter. My photography style is natural light inspired by God, family, and love. Every day I wake up knowing I am so blessed to photograph couples becoming a family and the many family moments after the happily ever after.

On December 14th, We welcomed out second daughter, Addi Grace Kennedy, into the world! Becoming a mom of two is not as dramatic as the “new mom” experience but not without it’s challenges. As a matter of fact, I am writing this blog post on my phone while holding Addi against my chest! Just like […]

Are you part of something you are so proud of that you just have to share? That is exactly how I feel about our church in Kingsland Georgia! Earlier this year I started to work at the church, but I fell in love with it way before then. When we moved here 2 years ago, […]

Experiences are known to shape who you are and how you approach situations.  The question is, how does your own personal life effect, & even change, the way you approach your business? Does a milestone in your life translate as a milestone in your business? ABSOLUTELY! Over a year ago, I became a first time mommy […]

It is a joy sharing the stories behind the sessions with you, but I want you to know the person behind the camera too. This September will mark the 2 year anniversary since we moved to Camden county, Georgia! In the short time we have been here, this has become our HOME! (All of my […]

Happy “Bee-Day” to our 1 year old daughter, Tori!  Like many of you, 4th of July looked very different for us this year! Covid 19 has disrupted our lives at every turn. Unexpected challenges came up that only made our family stronger. A part of me will always be thankful for the opportunity to spend […]

Photographers are just like you! We have families, schedule challenges, juggling priorities and most have another job. Let’s talk about that last point. There are a wide variety of professional photographers. Some have the  amazing opportunity to focus on their craft full time, several require another job to help supplement income, and others (like myself!) […]

It’s no surprise that COVID-19 will be a part of this Blog. It seems to be all anyone can talk about today and why not? It has consumed our lives and changed it in ways we didn’t expect. Although we need to remember, like any bad situation, good can come out of it if we […]

Please say Welcome to our little blessing, Tori Renee Kennedy! I am a mom. Wow I am a MOM! Give me a minute to let that sink in… Yea, I am not sure if it ever will because I still feel like a kid myself some days.  She was born on July 2 with little […]

How did The Living Lenz get its name? I wanted the name of the business to reflect the most important part of why I do this; You! My loving couples and laughing families are the reason why I started. However, that doesn’t explain how I came up with the name. I lived in the Old […]

A great origin story can inspire more than just the person living it. Each story always starts off with an individual who hasn’t realized their potential yet. Maybe they were selfish or immature. Then a critical moment happens that challenges this person to become more. A symbol that represents more than just themselves, but influences […]

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