Welcome to my blog. I’m Calli Kennedy; a happy wife and a mother of a beautiful daughter. My photography style is natural light inspired by God, family, and love. Every day I wake up knowing I am so blessed to photograph couples becoming a family and the many family moments after the happily ever after.

Weather provide yet again how unpredictable it can be! Who would have thought the month of Feb would have had 14 days straight of Rain!?! So let me start off by saying THANK ALL to all the families that joined in on this rollercoaster of a mini session event with me !! Their flexibility and […]

You want a Newborn Lifestyle session but do not know what to expect or how to prep for it? This post is meant to help you feel prepared and know that you are not in this alone… I may be the photographer, but I am also your friend. Here we go… Baby is BOSS… YUP […]

Let’s be honest – You don’t always need to hire a professional photographer for great photos. Yes, you read that correctly… A professional photographer saying you can take great photos yourself!! You are probably thinking “Yup, Calli has officially lost her mind! Having that second baby has gone to her head.” HAHA. Well yes, you […]

Who doesn’t love Fall season? If you are saying “I don’t” then clearly you don’t live in the Georgia summer heat. Fall weather is a beautiful break from the bugs biting you and the humidity giving you frizzy hair. This enchanting mini session event was no different!  Fall Truck Mini Session in Kingsland Georgia The […]

Boy, Oh Boy!!! – Meet the 7 day old bundle of blue, Liam Cruz! EEEK…I could not get enough of this little guy and his older brother, Owen. Between the cuddles and chocolate covered hands, these brothers are becoming the best of pals. Their parents, Sean & Sarah, have some funny times ahead of them […]

Please welcome the Prosser’s to Camden county!! Covid is HARD, but imagine moving in the middle of it to a new location where you don’t know anyone. Your kids can’t go outside to make new friends due to social distancing and nothing is open where you could take them. Wow, that takes moving to a […]

Join me in welcoming the newest member of the Wergin & The Living Lenz family– Madelyn Grace! If you are following my blog, then you know how much I value being considered your “Family photographer“. To not only see you in a single session in one moment of your life, but the many precious milestones […]

I love fairytales, but It makes me soo made when they end after the wedding! (After all, that is when it starts to get really good!). When Julia reached out for a first anniversary session with her husband, I got so excited! I get the privilege of sharing their first step in the long road […]

Sunrise sessions are never disappointing! There is that single moment of doubt when your alarm is blaring telling you it is time to wake up. You are laying there thinking “Why on Earth did we book a session for early morning”. This is WHY! This lighting is perfectly even for a soft look and the […]

How many pictures do you have around your house? A few I am sure. Now how many do you have on your computer? That’s what I thought, A LOT! We live in a society ruled by social media. With the continuous improvements of smart phone cameras, we are taking more pictures than ever! Most of […]

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