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The Secret Life of a photographer

Photographers are just like you! We have families, schedule challenges, juggling priorities and most have another job. Let’s talk about that last point. There are a wide variety of professional photographers. Some have the  amazing opportunity to focus on their craft full time, several require another job to help supplement income, and others (like myself!) choose to be a part time photographer with a full time job.  I am often asked if I could be a full time photographer, would I choose to? My answer is simple; No. I am deeply passionate about photography and the people I come to know through it. However, my many passions drive my choice to grow in several areas in my life besides The Living Lenz.

Here are a couple passions that you may not know about me.

I am happily married to a wonderful man for 2 years now. Together we have a little girl, Tori Renee, and another baby on the way (SURPRISE!! This is an official announcement that our family will expand in December!) The challenge for every photographer is balancing family time with work.  Photography is not a 9 to 5 job and quality family time typically occurs on the weekends. Most sessions are booked during the same time. So how does your photographer do it? It comes down to knowing their family and weighing the potential sacrifice they need to make to be there for your session. Being a part time photographer gives me the freedom to actually follow my heart as a photographer and not worry about missing out on too many family moments.

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Other than photography, I have a full time job. I have always felt like there were two sides of me – the entrepreneur forging her own path vs team player to be apart of something bigger. Every time I pick up my camera, I get to be creative and show my individuality. However, is does not always give me the chance to connect with people on a deeper level and be part of a team. My job at Christ Church Camden gives me the opportunity to do just that! To listen and learn from amazing people. Along with being apart of a church who helps people come to know Jesus. Full time photographers have a great opportunity to be an entrepreneur but at great personal risk. For example, wedding photographers who normally have a high yearly income are now suffering from the wedding industry imploding during Covid 19. Working in a self employed industry can take a toll on family finances.

While reading this post, you are probably asking the same question that every photographer asks themselves. Why be a photographer? Why do extra work, hours of editing, give up weekends, or sacrifice family time for a unstable job that has no guarantee of income?

The motivation comes from their love of people and stories shared during photography sessions.

The truth is most photographers don’t make it past the first 2 years because the glamour disappears and the reality sets in. Your photographer is still practicing because they remember why they started in the first place. For the excitement of capturing amazing moments, putting a smile on someone’s face and stretching their creative skills to be better each time. Like anything else, these skills are sharpened with practice but the key is to not get burnt out in the process. So when I first started, I chose to keep this passion burning by being a part time professional photographer. I don’t take my business any less serious or view your photos as just a side project. I made the choice to be selective with my available session times, so when I am working on your photos you KNOW that I am taking the time to perfect each one.  It is easy to forget that the person behind the camera has a personal life too with a lot on their mind to manage. Despite the secret life, your photographer just wants to show their love for your family and capture the best memories.

Are you looking for a family photographer in Camden County, Georgia?

Hi! I’m Calli, a Georgia family photographer specializing in candid and authentic photos that capture the love, fun and true personalities of each person. I am happy to serve families along the coast line of Georgia, from Savannah Georgia to Jacksonville Florida. You ready to have an amazing time together for your family session? Message me today!

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