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TLL has an Assistant Photographer?

There is a debate among photographers… Associate photographer – yes or no? About a year ago, I discussed this very topic with another photographer who’s opinion I value about industry topics. There are ALOT of sticky points to bringing someone else on to represent your business…

Do they edit their sessions? Do they accept session under their own name on the side as well or do you have a Noncompete? Are they just another photographer you recommend instead? What if the session does not go well? You can see where this gets tricky… FAST! Here is where I landed!

I brought on an associate photographer recently. (Yup I pulled the trigger because I can only take on so many evening/ weekend sessions before my family suffers) She is someone I trust to represent me ethically, morally, and provide all the fun a family would experience when they are with me at a session. After all, TLL brand is about having fun during a session and getting gorgeous images on top of that fantastic easy experience. I am glad to say after 4 years of watching this photographer grow with her own skills, I trust her as a fellow photographer.

Now the details of how we work together is not necessarily important. However, it is important for you to know that I do not just assign someone else to your session! If I have no personally openings in the time frame that you need your pictures, I ask if you would like to work with my associate. Ensure you are comfortable, provide style tips / posing prompts and the full client experience as if I was your photographer. If you do choose to trust me and allow my associate photographer to do your session, I will still do all the editing to match the high quality you have come to expect from The Living Lenz brand.

Who is this associate, you ask? Well you know her actually – Jordan Sanes! She had a very successful photography business herself here in Camden county and decided to step away in 2021 for her family and to follow a calling at The Harbor church in children ministry. If you are a previous family of Jordan, well Yay! She is only doing it with minimum slots per month. After all, we both have young kids and I want to respect that family time for her. Just like I put my family time first. Like me though, Jordan has the photography bug we can never seem to get over haha. She agreed to come on as an associate to take on sessions with me since I am almost booked through December. I trust Jordan to capture beautiful moments as I would. So I hope you come to trust her too.

This exciting new partnership started with this session! I could not fit this family into my schedule while they were on vacation. When they reached out a couple months before, they really wanted to work with me. So I reached out to a photographer I would trust to take my own family photos. Jordan was ready to take photos again, just not edit or open a business. (As you can imagine, a lot goes into photography other than pictures and it can be OVERWHELMING). This is not the first time I have worked with Jordan, and it was no surprise when she totally crushed it! The partnership was formed and I am so excited to have someone else onboard with The Living Lenz.

Please welcome Jordan Sanes to the TLL Family and take a look at what we did together below!

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