Welcome to my blog. I’m Calli Kennedy; a happy wife and a mother of a beautiful daughter. My photography style is natural light inspired by God, family, and love. Every day I wake up knowing I am so blessed to photograph couples becoming a family and the many family moments after the happily ever after.

Wedding morning has arrived!! It’s time to make a mimosas with your best friends and settle into your schedule of getting beautiful (Not that you aren’t already!!) This is my que to enter the scene, give you a big hug, get to know the rest of the girls, and start capturing all the stunning details […]

How many pictures do you have around your house? A few I am sure. Now how many do you have on your computer? That’s what I thought, A LOT! We live in a society ruled by social media. With the continuous improvements of smart phone cameras, we are taking more pictures than ever! Most of […]

Weddings take months to plan! You have already survived your engagement pictures and hours of decision making. However, Getting Ready is a time frame you are probably not even thinking about when it comes to photos. Don’t worry, your photographer will help you! The “getting ready” shots are an amazing photo op moment with your […]

The wedding day timeline is pivoted around several key factors & one of them is deciding if you should have a “first look”. So lets get the obvious question out of the way. What is a First Look? A first look is when you, as a couple, make the choice to see each other privately […]

Not everyone is a natural in front of the camera, but EVERYONE is awkward for the first few minutes of a session until they get into a rhythm. Here are some posing tips to help you walk into a photography session with confidence! 1. Pinterest: Search for pictures you love on Pinterest and keep them in […]

Wedding days are full of love… and very expensive details from months of planning. Many couples make the mistake of setting a budget then surpassing it along the way. So how do you set a budget and stick to it? The first step is to maximize your budget based on priorities. The question is, what […]

Every professional wedding photographer has a master shot list! This list is a layout of must- have photos that matches your timeline for the day. Does not matter the number of weddings that photographer has done, each wedding is unique. Which means distinctive photos specific to YOUR DAY! There is always 1 list that a […]

You are getting so closer! Unfortunately that means the 4th quarter and time to make your timeline final. (I know, I know! I got you all excited for a second just to rip it away from you with that second statement haha) If you have been avoiding some difficult decisions then that could mean it […]

The new year started the right way with the gorgeous outdoor Weber Wedding at The Bluff venue in Kingsland Georgia! A truly loved filled day celebrating the union of two people, Zack & Sara Weber. WAIT! Don’t forgot Rollo; their adorable German Shepherd! Did I mention I adore doggies?! Even with a 9-hour day of […]

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