The Living Lenz Plantation

The Living Lenz Plantation

I am so glad you are considering using The Living Lenz Plantation for your session! This location is EXCLUSIVE for The Living Lenz family only! When you have your session here, you are open to multiple back drops in one session to give you a wide variety to choose from! Let us look at some examples below:

Living Lenz Property Backdrops

Looking for a cozy woodsy area that is unique? Try the log pile that is ready to go for you!

If you’re looking to get the best possible photos, you’ll want to schedule your session for the morning hours. This is ideal for in the morning around 9 am or in the evening before sunset.

Maybe you want that gorgeous front porch feel that we all dream? This front porch is PERFECT for anytime of the year! Especially in Georgia where the weather is amazing (90% of the time haha)

Are you looking for an open field with a vintage rustic fence to add character to your photos? Yup, we have that too!

What photos by a lake with a really cool dock or even a bench with oak trees around it? CHECK, have that too. This is not a trick!

Maybe you are even looking for a beautiful location for a Milk Bath session! I not only have a spot just for you on the plantation but your baby too!

Why pick this location?

There are gorgeous locations all over Camden County. So why should you consider The Living Lenz Plantation location? That is easy!

  • This is a private location, which means NO people in the background of your photos.
  • No on lookers who are watching you. Sometimes that can prevent a family from feeling comfortable and enjoying there session to capture more authentic pictures.
  • Multiple backdrops for one session! Meaning more pictures to choose from.
  • Props are available to use for this location to add in your session without additional cost
  • Have rambunctious kids? Well this property keeps them contained to run around & have fun without additional worry to you!
  • Lollipops are available for the kids afterwards (shhhh it is a secret)
  • Open to different time availability since it is right on my property. Meaning better for your convenience.

I can list a thousand more reasons why The Living Lenz Plantation is a great fit. Now it is time for you to decide!

Are you looking for a family photographer in Fernandina Beach Florida?

Hi! I’m Calli, a Fernandina Beach family photographer specializing in candid and authentic photos that capture the love, fun and true personalities of each person. I am happy to serve families along the coast line of Georgia, from Savannah Georgia to Fernandina Beach Florida. You ready to have an amazing time together for your family session? Message me today!

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