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How being a parent helped my Photography

Experiences are known to shape who you are and how you approach situations.  The question is, how does your own personal life effect, & even change, the way you approach your business? Does a milestone in your life translate as a milestone in your business? ABSOLUTELY!

Over a year ago, I became a first time mommy to our little girl, Tori. Looking back now, I can see how becoming a parent has helped improve my photography and the experience I try to provide to my clients. After all, there are numerous factors behind the making of a beautiful photo other than camera settings. It all begins with your attitude! This is where becoming a mom has helped me take that next step as a professional photographer.

6 ways becoming a parent helped my photography

Patience: Nothing ever goes as planned, but becoming a mom showed me how to adjusts to the unexpected changes and make sure it still turns out to be a great time. Whether it is a Wedding or private session, patience is key to keeping everyone calm because they are taking their ques from you as the photographer.

Multitasking: Chaos comes in many forms. The question is, how do you manage said chaos? When you are trying to feed a baby, make dinner for the rest of the family, & get a load of laundry finished…Multitasking becomes a well developed skill. What many people don’t know, photography is full of chaos in the background! (For example – adjusting the camera settings, controlling outside factors like wind or lighting, and give your clients direction all at the same time) The ability to handle an overwhelming amount of tasks at once and still perform well, gives my clients confidence in my skills.

Compassion: Life is full of curveballs, but those curve balls seem to increase with children! Having compassion for your clients and their unexpected circumstances (Maybe it is a session reschedule or wedding planning issues!), shows that you are not a photographer for money but that you genuinely CARE about them as people. If you are only in it for money, then being a photographer is not for you!

Relatability: At some point or another, everyone has experienced those moments where it is difficult to relate to someone. Becoming a parent has provided me with a lot of experiences that I can then use to relate to another person. So how can becoming a parent help you relate to a bride who may not have children? As a parent, you understand the difficulty of making plans and all the factors that goes into it. This gives you the chance to help your bride through the stressful moments of wedding planning!

Tips: A photographer can always provide tips to their clients from previous experience, but becoming a parent takes those tips to other level! For example, I pack my daughter back up outfits in case something were to happen while we were out. So I learned when I have a beach session booked, I always tell my clients to bring another outfit to change into in case their clothes get soaked. Don’t ever underestimate the power of Mom Tips! Your clients will appreciate your forethought to make it a better experience for them!

Motivation: Believe me when I say Momtography is a large motivation to pushing through those hard days when you are fighting the odds stacked against you as a new photographer. It is easy to give up when it does not seem like you are getting anywhere compared to other professionals around you. Until you see your children do something adorable and all you think is “I wish I had my camera”. Tori and Addi (Baby #2!) are my motivation to keep picking up my camera and educating myself on how to be a better entrepreneur. I can’t wait to see how Addi’s arrival (Due date December 19th!!) will change everything again. Through my faith in God, I know it is going to be for the better!

If you are a parent trying to become a professional photographer, embrace the experiences & skills you have already developed in your everyday life. They can make all the difference to your ideal client when they are in the market to finding a photographer.

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