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frequently asked

1. Why should we hire you to be our photographer? 

I consider all of my couples to be part of the Living Lenz family! I am ALWAYS available to my brides with 24/7 access and a resource you can use to problem solve your wedding planning issues! My couples are very precious to me because I only take on 6 weddings a year! Why so few you ask? Here is why! I like to provide a hands on authentic experience for my couples that shows I am not just your photographer, but your friend as well! If I show up on the wedding day, and you are not excited to see me, then I have failed at what I strive to provide.

Throughout the planning process, I will be with you each step of the way. You can expect insider tips and tricks from an experience wedding vendor every month and me randomly dropping a text/call to see how you are doing? If you want to grab lunch, NO PROBLEM!! I love my quality time with my brides!

No matter what obstacles come - I am your girl! I've got you and won't let you down! I work hard to remove obstacles out of your way. Not add to them! 

2. What is your Pricing? 

I would love to provide those to you, but unfortunately they are not listed on my website. I understand that you are wanting to know what the potential cost would be in advance. However, there are many reasons the collection pricings are not listed on the website. The pricing is based upon a variety of reasons; such as location of event, duration, and sometimes custom collections can be created for clients. I can promise that if you complete the contact form on the website, you will receive the collection guide with the first email. I would love to talk to you more! 

3. Do you work with a second photographer? 

Yes, but I only work with a second shooter that I hire personally. Let me explain why that is! It is very difficult to hire 2 photographers that have never met and expect them to work seamlessly on the day of your wedding. However, I have a team of second photographers in which I like to work with already and know that we can capture the exact picture you would love.

4. Why should we book your second photographer?

Great question! A second photographer not only provides more unique angles of the wedding day; they can also cover different group photos to save time the day of your wedding to eliminate rushing. For example, the first photographer can take pictures of the bridal party group shots while the second photographer takes pictures of the groomsmen group shots. 

5. Is there a discount for service members? 

YES!!! I am major supporter for all service members. 5% discount is available with proof of ID for military members, police officers, and firefighters. 

6. Do you provide Video service?  

No, that is not my specialty. However, I do have a preferred vendor list that could help you find a videographer you will love. 

7. Do you Edit your own photos? 

I absolutely do! Every final picture you receive is personally edited by myself to keep a consistent flow and ensure you receive the style you are booking with me for. Many photographers outsource majority of their editing. Specialized editing is part of the experience I provide since I only accept a limited amount of sessions & weddings each year. 

8. Do you recommend any locations for the session?  

I do have a list of locations that provide a great backdrop for your photos! However, new locations are always welcomed if you have a place in mind that is not on the list.

9. How do I choose the start time for Photographers? 

Decide what photos are most important to you in your timeline and that should help determine the time frame. Highly recommended to have 2 photographers to cover groomsmen and bridal party at the same time to eliminate rushing on your wedding day.

10. We don’t want to do a first look but in order to save time, should we do shots of the bride and her family and the groom and his family separately before the ceremony?

Don’t do it! The thing that takes the most time with family formals is gathering everyone together and getting people organized. If you set up your wedding day photography timeline to do the bride and her family and the groom and his family separate before the ceremony and then the bride + groom and both of their families together after the ceremony, then we have to gather families three times instead of just one. Usually someone in the family forget to arrive early or we can’t find them.

11. Should we do a first look? We worry it will take away from the ceremony. 

Everyone I have asked said that doing a first look did not take anything away from the ceremony at all. The first look helps elevate time later in the day so you can enjoy the moment more instead of rushing.

It is completely OK if you prefer to wait. I have just heard many couples say that they want to do a first look, but they think that it will take something away from the ceremony. It doesn’t. This is your wedding, so do what you want and I will capture it to the best of my ability.


OF course I do! I offer 3 different family collection packages, starting at 30 minute mini sessions for $180. Drop me a message, to learn more details! 

13.  Can we split the time of the session between multiple locations in a private session? 

Yes multiple locations are allowed during a session from the following options. First option is the travel time is counted towards the session. Second option is to purchase additional locations to be part of the session. This option is $50 per additional location, travel time is not counted towards the session up to a 20 minute apart. 

14.  How much for additional pictures with a family session?

Each collection does come with a set number of pictures. However, there will most likely have additional photos available for purchase in your personal online gallery after the session. Each additional picture can be purchased at $5 per digital download.

15.  When can we expect our photos returned to us?

Your online gallery will be available within 2 weeks after your session or 8 weeks after your wedding. I know the anticipation can be a killer after an amazing session, but great news is you will receive some sneak peeks a couple days after the session to help with the wait! 

16. When can we expect our print products? 

Prints can be order directly from your gallery and delivered to your door with 2 weeks after your order has been placed. 

17. When can we expect our Wedding Album? 

Great question! This time can vary based on how quickly you respond during the process. The first step is two receive your gallery within 8 weeks after your wedding date. Once you pick your favorite photos in the gallery, I will begin to develop your carefully curated wedding album. This step can take up to 2 weeks. Once completed, a preview will be shared with you and additional changes can be requested. Once I have a list of those changes, I can adjust the album to your likely within 2 additional weeks. The Final album will be sent to you once more. If additional changes need to be made, then the process will continue. If everything is to your liking, the album order will be sent to the print shop. On average, you could receive your album any time between 4-6 months after your wedding date. 

18. How can we expect to receive the photos?

All of your final photos will be uploaded into your own personal online gallery and the link we will sent in an email. Your images included with your collection will be available to download from your gallery with additional photos for purchase if you love them! Along with additional professional high quality print products. Be sure to ask about the promo codes available that can give you BIG savings! 

19. Do you offer a variety of candid & posed pictures? 

Absolutely! Your final gallery will be filled with photos of different poses and natural shots. In the session, I will be there to help guide you in order to capture the most authentic photos to who you two are as a couple! 

20. Can we send you a specific picture we saw and would like to recreate?

Ideas for your session are always welcomed and highly encouraged! Please keep in mind, your picture will not look exactly like the photo you have seen due to different elements; such as location, lighting, time of day, season of year, editing style, etc. I can, however, keep these poses in mind during the session and do my best to make these images unique to you as a couple! 

21. Do we get the copyright to our photos? 

Many photographers include a copy right with their pictures. However, I do not. I provide a print release which allows you to print and post your digital photos where you desire. The print release will provide you the freedom to do with your photos as you like. 

22. Do you offer Engagement sessions? 

Yes I do! Most of the wedding collection packages included a complimentary engagement sessions & can save you money in the long run. However, I do offer a separate pricing of engagement sessions without booking me as your wedding photographer. Drop me an email on the Contact page and I will love to share the pricing differences with you! 

23. Are pets allowed in the session? 

Yes, I am a huge fan of animals! They are a big part of your story and should be a part of the session if you want. A little tip - Be sure to bring some treats to help get their attention for the camera. 

24. What are we allowed to do with our digital files?

Each collection comes with a print release that allows you to enjoy your photos! You are more than welcomed to add them to your social media & print them where you desire. However, you can not alter them or use the images beyond personal use. 

25. Do we get to have raw images or outtakes? 

The raw or unedited images are not available for viewing or purchase. The photos selected for editing and final delivery reflect the quality of service I strive to provide. Please note, any pictures removed from final gallery are not saved in my business archive and were photos worth removing. I do not delete images to meet a specific number of images. All quality images are edited and available for purchase in your gallery if it is higher than the number included in your collection.

26. What should we bring to the photoshoot?

Depending on the location, it is always a great idea to bring spare clothes and a pair of flats! If there are some items which represent you two as a couple that you want included, please bring and let me know in advance so I can brain storm some amazing pictures to include them.

27. Will the digital photos have a watermark on them?

The online gallery images include the watermark. Once your pictures are downloaded, the watermark is removed for your personal use. 

28. Can we provide you with a "shot list"?

Other than family sessions, I would prefer not to have a list of shots! Let me explain why though! In order to capture both posing and candid photos, it can be counter productive to have a shot list. This can hold back creativity in your session and be distracting if I am continuously pulling out a list. However, if you have poses you want me to keep in mind but not mandatory that is always welcomed in advance for me to remember.

29. Can you hold a session time or wedding date for us?

All bookings are first come/ first serve. To keep it fair, I cannot hold a date without a retainer fee & signed session contract. 

30. What happens if the session needs to be rescheduled or cancelled?

In the case of a cancellation, then the initial payment of $50.00 is nonrefundable. However, if you need to reschedule the session, please provide a 24 notice. In case of bad weather or extenuating circumstances, it is up to the discretion of the photographer to make that call. I can assure you, communication is a priority and will always provide updated information if it changes. 

31. Do you have insurance? 

Yes and I would be more than happy to provide it to your venue if required. I do ask to give me a 2 month advance notice so I can get the paperwork for them.

32. What is your payment schedule for a wedding? 

In order to officially book your wedding date, a non-refundable $200 retainer fee is required. One week before the engagement session, an additional $300 is due. The remaining balance is due 1 month before the wedding date. Monthly payments are allowed as well. If this is something you are interested in, we can talk about it in more detail! 

33. Can we pay you part of the amount after the wedding? 

Unfortunately No. The full balance must be paid 1 month before the wedding. However, payment for additional prints, wedding albums, or over time can be paid post wedding. 

34. What if you were Sick and could not photograph our wedding?

I can say, I have never "called out sick" for a wedding. In the off chance that would occur, It is for a very dire reason that would keep me from your happy day. I have come to know you very well by the time your wedding day comes around and I take it very seriously. There is very little things that could keep me from being there for you! If one of those few things happen to occur, I would find a replacement photographer at the same skill level and editing style. I know this can be concerning, I would love to chat more with you and reassure you that I consider my couples like family. 

35. When should we book you for our wedding? 

As soon as possible!! Calendar dates tend to book up fast considering I only take 6 weddings a year! Since I cannot "pencil you in", it is important to complete the booking process by signing the wedding contract and put the $200 retainer fee down. I strongly suggest setting up a wedding consultation and booking within a couple days after that! **HINT - there may be a way to save money after booking with the consultation**

36. If we were running late on our wedding day, will you stay past your time? 

Of course! I do have an overtime fee that you can see with the wedding collection magazine that will be provide to you. Please drop me an email, and lets chat! 

37. Do you offer discounts for non-Saturday weddings or off season weddings? 

Sometimes discounts are available, but not based on the day or season your wedding is in. 

38. Do we need to feed you at the wedding? 

It is not a requirement, but would be wonderful if you did! A long day on my feet taking pictures requires a lot of energy to keep going and capture those stunning pictures. While you are eating, is when I would eat as well. No one wants photos taken of people stuffing their faces. So I take that time to recharge and carry on! 

39. Can guests from the wedding take pictures with their cameras and phone cameras?

Absolutely! They want to remember your wedding to and be a part of the moment! That is how many guests connect to the ceremony. However, I do required that I am the only hired professional photographer and any second shooter is hired by me. I do not mind working with videographers of your choice or drone photographers. 


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