Items to have ready for your Wedding Photographer

Wedding morning has arrived!! It’s time to make a mimosas with your best friends and settle into your schedule of getting beautiful (Not that you aren’t already!!) This is my que to enter the scene, give you a big hug, get to know the rest of the girls, and start capturing all the stunning details you have spent hours picking out. This post is to help you have items ready for me, as your Wedding Photographer.

As you know, wedding days are jam packed with pictures. The most forgotten time consuming pictures are surprisingly not the portraits! It is the wedding details that are often scattered around the venue. To ensure the schedule goes smooth and I don’t miss any special item, below is a list of details to have ready in one area! Here is a quick tip so you can enjoy your morning! Assign this list to your MOH so you can wake up with nothing to do other than enjoy your day!

Here is a list of Wedding Details to have ready

Bridal Items:

Wedding Dress, Personalized hanger, Hair Piece or veil, Bridal shoes & jewelry, special perfume bottle or items (Something old, new, borrowed, and blue!!)

Groom Items:

Formal shoes, Tux, cufflinks, Tie, Socks, boutonniere

Wedding Items:

Wedding Rings (Both Bride & Groom Rings), Save the date & Wedding Invitations, Bouquets & Boutonniere, Exchanged Vow books, Bridge & Groom gift exchange,

Wedding Party:

Bridesmaid dress, Wedding party gifts, Groomsmen tuxes, special wedding items such as Groomsmen socks or Bridesmaid garter belts, Flower girl headband & dress, Ring Bearer pillow & outfit

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