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Camden County Charms in Georgia

It is a joy sharing the stories behind the sessions with you, but I want you to know the person behind the camera too.

This September will mark the 2 year anniversary since we moved to Camden county, Georgia! In the short time we have been here, this has become our HOME! (All of my close friends know that “Home” is a big deal to me!) Growing up as an Army brat, my family moved around quite often (which I absolutely LOVED. Especially the new adventures that came along with it). When I became an adult, I continued that lifestyle and “home” was where my family lived at the time. After meeting my husband, Joel, the idea of building roots and growing stronger together was a life change I was ready for. We met in Washington DC but had an option to move to Camden for a job opportunity. Since the longest place I lived was in Manhattan Kansas (The Little Apple, home of the Kansas State Wildcats, class 2011!), I loved the idea of moving back to a smaller community and investing in life long relationships.

Every person struggles after a Move

I have been blessed to meet so many amazing people through The Living Lenz photography and have come to call them family. Despite the opportunities, majority of the time I was working from home for the first 18 months. During that time, I came to recognize that I needed help getting to know the people around us. When I opened myself up, I started to see the hidden charms of our community. With the Navy base here, I realized that the military families are probably in the same boat of trying to learn their new home (Hence the Blog post, so be sure to share with families new to the area!).

**Please do not believe that I am saying these are the only places to go or the only amazing people in Camden. There are MANY reasons, people & businesses to be proud of in Camden. These are our personal experiences we have cherished since moving to the community. **

The stranger: Through all the many wonderful encounters with strangers, one continues to stick out. Every time I drive to drop off our daughter at daycare, there is a smiling man that welcomes the passing traffic by waving from Howard Peeples Park parking lot named Joe. (Before I stopped to learn his name and say thank you for his kindness, I nick named him, The Gross road citizen!)

The neighbor: The first impression that pulls you into where you live are the neighbors. Are they open? Welcoming? Helpful? We are fortunate to live by some amazing people who have helped us get acclimated quickly. Remember to be THAT neighbor who welcomes a new family in while they are adjusting to the many changes that come with a move.

The School system:  As you already know, there are well rated schools here. Each teacher we have met have been kind and full of helpful tips to get our daughter ready for school when the time comes (She is only 1, but you can’t start too early). When we were looking for homes, my dad happened to follow Camden county high school football team already and the camaraderie that comes with being a Wildcat.

The Daycare: There are MANY great daycares here but the one that hooked us was Childtime of Kingsland. The Director, Libby, and her supportive team continue to help our daughter through the everyday childhood development. Thorough communication, and consistency, especially during Covid. The best part is how happy the children are to see their teachers each morning.

The Church: The area has an abundance of great churches to join but the one that pulled our family in is Christ’s Church Camden. Keep in mind, my opinion is biased since I now work there! I met new people who were willing to invest in me & my family. Go so far out of their way as to take a day trip to Tampa for my first born’s baby shower.

The Location: We come from DC where the average commute time is 1 hour to drive less than 15 miles. So the change of pace, and minimum traffic, is a change we embraced full heartily. Camden is also close to several tourist attractions – Amelia, St Augustine, St Simons Island, Jekyll, Cumberland Island, Disney world, etc. You are only limited by your own will to seek a new experience.

The Population: A small melting pot of Military and Civilian, or Retired couple and young families. The Porch Picture project shows the many faces I got to take pictures of in the beginning of Covid.

The Health Care: These are some of our favorites because of the positive experience we received while needing care. (You can’t go wrong at the many other offices within our county)- Well Adjusted Chiropractic, Southeast Georgia Health System-Camden Campus maternity ward, Dr Robert Mixson, Pediatric Dr. Kimberly Graw.

The Shopping: These are a few charming stores to keep in mind that I find myself always gravitating towards. Ballast Point Trading company, Southern Saint Boutique, Southern Oak Outfitters, Lucy Gunn, Inside of Lucy Gunn is Lullaby Lane Baby boutique, The Company House, and Cottle & Gun

The Insider Scoop: Join local facebook groups to know what is happening! We also have 2 local magazines – Camden Lifestyle Magazine, & St Marys Magazine

This community makes me excited for every photography session because it is a new chance to meet another incredible Camden Charm. We are not perfect here but we are #forcamden (imperfections and all). At some point or another, each of us fall into some of the above categories. Remember that words are pretty but actions speak louder. You might not live in Camden, but you can take action to be your own COMMUNITY CHARM!!!


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