The 7 P’s to Posing like a Pro

Not everyone is a natural in front of the camera, but EVERYONE is awkward for the first few minutes of a session until they get into a rhythm. Here are some posing tips to help you walk into a photography session with confidence!
1. Pinterest: Search for pictures you love on Pinterest and keep them in mind. Your photographer could never remake those photos you find but it gives you something to go off of before the session happens. 
2. Practice: Grab a mirror and practice some moves (even make some selfies). Practice moves make you feel beautiful will make something feel familiar in your session and reduce some of that tension you may feel. Practice makes perfect (Your perfect, not what other you think perfect should be!) 
3. Posture: How you hold yourself in the photo makes a difference. Posture is everything! Keep this in mind during practice and it will feel more natural in the session. If you forget, your photographer has your back and will remind you. 
4. Polish: What you wear can add a little polish to the picture to make it look amazing! However, Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable, confident and beautiful. If you don’t LOVE what you are wearing, it shows in the pictures. Wear an outfit you are proud to show off and capture in a picture FOREVER. 
5. Perfection: Throw this out the window NOW! There is no such thing as the perfect photo or subject of a photo.  You’re already perfect the way you are and your photographer is going to capture exactly that. If you are having fun during the session, your “real” smile will make your outfit look complete. 
6. Play: Anticipate twirls, jumps, foot races, games and more during a session (especially if I am your photographer!) The only way to capture a genuine moment is to do something more than expected, like playing games during a session instead of posing like a statue.
7. Pay attention:  It is very important to Trust and Listen to photographer (I can’t say this enough!). Keep in mind, the photographer is not the only person in the session. Pay attention to yourself and others you are with. The best pictures is not when everyone is looking at the camera, but at each other instead.
I hope this helped and gave you a little insight to what to expect. Happy session!

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