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How to Maximize your Wedding budget

Wedding days are full of love… and very expensive details from months of planning. Many couples make the mistake of setting a budget then surpassing it along the way. So how do you set a budget and stick to it? The first step is to maximize your budget based on priorities. The question is, what is a Wedding Day priority? (YIKES BIG question! You are not alone though. I will help you walk through this!)

I think it is imperative to state that Weddings are FULL of distractions. You are trying to please everyone (Your mom, Your future mother in law, Bridesmaids who want a certain style or color dress…) and somewhere along the way you may forget what this day is really about! It’s not about the cake (Even if I LOVE wedding cakes), the flowers, the music, the venue, or even the dress. Your wedding day is about you and your fiancé making that choice to spend the rest of your lives together. Keeping this in mind, your budget should prioritize what is most important to YOU! If you are still stumped, here are a few tips to keep in mind on how to determine what is priority to you:succulent bouquet with wedding rings

How to Maximize your Wedding budget

What you want should be considered first – The wedding details are important but none of that can picked if you don’t know what you want. Do you want that magical moment when your fiancé sees you in that stunning dress? Then that means your wedding dress is priority. (and your photographer who will capture his face when your fiancé first sees you!) Does the venue hold sentimental value because it reminds you of your first date? Asking yourself these questions is how to get the ball rolling.

Consider long term value – Be sure to weigh what you will enjoy only for a few minutes versus what will last for years to come. This does not mean that those details do not matter. It just means that you might not remember how the cake tastes, or the flowers smelled. However, pictures will last beyond your life and can be shared with your children when they ask what your wedding was like.

Picking a theme – All weddings have a theme (Rustic, city chic, rustic chic, Royal wedding). That theme will determine every decision you make from the beginning. It is important to pick a theme within your budget. If most of your budget is going to the honeymoon vacation or a minimum budget, you will not pick a theme that could be very expensive like Royal Wedding.

DIY Décor – Most likely you picked a theme that relates to your everyday style. For example, I had a rustic chic wedding with lanterns EVERYWHERE. Instead of buying any of the lanterns, I reached out to all of my friends and family to see if I could borrow theirs.

Multi Purpose Items – Consider using the décor you purchased as maybe thank you gifts. For example, consider using fake flowers to create your table arrangements and give those bouquets as gifts at the end of the night to the many people that helped you during the wedding planning process.

Food & Drinks – This is a big expense that most couples don’t expect. A huge wedding cake can be very expensive. Consider having a cute cake for you guys to cut in the pictures and then sheet cakes in the back for the rest of the guest to enjoy. (Don’t worry, the cake will taste the same but at a half the cost) Do a buffet style instead of served a catered meal. Your guests just want to eat! Open bar is amazing for your guests to enjoy but they don’t need access to the full bar. Provide a couple options of each instead- Wine, Beer, and liquor.

Talk to your vendors – Communication is key to any budget! Tell you vendors from the beginning what your budget is for their portion. They can help keep you in or even under your budget when making decisions. Each vendor can give you amazing tips specific to them that you did not consider. For example, your florist will tell you to pick a flower that is currently in season. If you have your heart set out gorgeous statement flowers, then fill in the rest of the bouquet with more common ones like baby’s breath & greenery.

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