honeymoon island beach in tampa florida engagement session of couple sitting on beach cuddling

Tips for Stunning Engagement photos!

Congratulations! You’re getting married! YAYYY – Que the release of flying Doves now!

After celebrating, your first step is Engagement photos to announce the BIG DAY! (Well…technically the first step is finding a Photographer that you Love  to take your engagement photos *HINT, HINT*) No matter who you choose to be your photographer, below are a few tips so your engagement photos POP!

honeymoon island beach in tampa florida engagement session of couple sitting on beach cuddling


Avoid being “matchy-matchy”! The pictures are supposed to represent you as a couple. Let’s face it, no one matches clothes perfectly anymore. Just be sure the colors you each wear complement each other. Using a pop of color to tie both outfits together will flow well. Neutral colors look gorgeous and effortless on camera (Blues, creams, blush pink, grey, brown all work with each other) Just remember to be you and wear what makes you feel beautiful. Flowing dresses (maybe even a little lace) can give a softness on camera and add to the romance of the picture. It can give movement to the photo which works better for candid shots.

Feel free to bring an outfit change as well (one casual with jeans and a cute shirt, and one more fancy dress look) It’s always great to switch this up and try something new halfway through a shoot. Then you will have double the pictures to pick from that don’t look the same.

Solid colored clothes flow better together. If there is a patterned shirt you love, then make sure the other person is wearing a solid color so the patterns do not clash.

If you are a heels type gal, be sure to bring flip flops too for those walks in between locations. You want to make sure you are comfortable and having fun!

Hair & make up:

Remember that the makeup looks different on camera. Makes sure to add more on for it to looks stunning in the photos.

If you are having a make-up artist do yours the day of your wedding, the engagement session can be a great test run to perfect that desired look before the big day!

Definitely bring lipstick and hair spray to retouch as we go. Maybe even powder to eliminate shine on the skin if needed.

honeymoon island beach in tampa florida engagement session of bride sitting on grooms backProps:

This is completely your choice! If there are items that represent your story together or you as a couple,please bring to the session. (hats, fun shoes or socks, a pet, sport jerseys, etc)

Get silly with it:

No one likes a camera in their face. This session is not about your photographer guiding through standard poses (yes, your photographer will give some guidance though). It’s about you two walking down a gorgeous path or beach talking & holding each other while your photographer stands in the background to capture the moments. Don’t be afraid to feel like a kid again. Tickle each other, snuggle, or even dance with each other.


Don’t feel awkward because no one is judging you. Your Photographer is there to capture the love between you both that is already there and ensure that you feel comfortable. If you are goofy, or do something embarrassing, it will never leave that session. Your Photographer’s lips are sealed. Your trust is the most important part. If you trust your photographer, they won’t let you down!

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