Getting Ready Photo Tips for your Wedding Day

Weddings take months to plan! You have already survived your engagement pictures and hours of decision making. However, Getting Ready is a time frame you are probably not even thinking about when it comes to photos. Don’t worry, your photographer will help you! The “getting ready” shots are an amazing photo op moment with your bride tribe that you don’t want to go to waste. After all, you paid a lot of money for your wedding so why not take full advantage of the entire day. Here are 6 tips to help you plan ahead for a great start to a memorable day!

  1. Consider fun props in your bridal party photos as you are getting ready! (Examples: Confetti, popping champagne bottles, Bridal Party Robes, Cute wedding dress hangers)
  2. Choose a room with a lot of natural light – consider the color of the walls and decorations. The lighter the colors the better. So if you can find a room with white walls and neutral colors, DO IT!!
  3. Organization – make sure all the girls keep their belongings organized and the space clean looking. Nothing is worst in a photo than clutter and unimportant details that you don’t want to remember!
  4. Try not to stuff a small room with a large amount of people. Try to get ready in a space that fits your bridal party comfortable to avoid a potential disaster zone where items get lost.
  5. Eat BEFORE you put on your dress or nice bridal party robes (I suggest bread or heavy carbs to help absorb the mimosas your bridesmaids will definitely be drinking! Remember, It is going to be a while before you get to eat at the reception.)
  6. Work with your Hired Professionals! (this includes your photographer, wedding planner, venue organizer, etc) They will keep you on track for time and know how to get the best photos to help you remember the moment.

If you plan in advance, it will be less stress on the day of the event. Just remember, not everything goes according to plan! Just be flexible and know your wedding team has it under control.

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