Heirloom Portraits in Kingsland Georgia

Heirloom Portraits in Georgia

Heirloom portraits have been around for generations. Except these have a new twist, which are now being offered as Heirloom Portraits in Georgia. You may recall the traditional style; a flat black outline of the child’s side profile. We had them done as kids. I am sure you may have too!

Why these Portraits are Different

It is not a cartoon outline (Although they are still beautiful)! These are the crisp image of your child with a vintage timeless editing style set in a clean background. Instead of just have a flat image outline, you get to have the true expressions captured for your child.

There is something about these that makes you see the innocence. Do I have a biased opinion…maybe haha. Yes, I am the photographer that takes the images. Still, as I was creating my daughter’s portraits, the experience did not dim the way it usually does when you see the editing magic behind the camera. Just a glance at the Heirloom portraits instantly made me want to seek Tori out & hug her. Her infectious laugh was loud in my mind when I looked at these facial expressions. If this is what the photographer feels, there is almost a guarantee that your encounter will be even more remarkable once you receive the final images.

These Heirloom Portrait minis will be taking place on June 27th & June 28th in the The Living Lenz Studio in Downtown Kingsland. Other dates are being offered if a parent really wants them done and can not make those dates (Afterall, it is summer time and everyone has plans!)

What to wear for Heirloom pictures in Georgia

Recommended white or cream clothing with lace or a collar. Anything is welcomed though that suits the family or child best. Here are some links that may suit your child for the portraits on amazon – $15 white sleeved lace dress, $18 Baby Boy Gentleman Formal Suit Tuxedo Bowtie Romper, or $25 Hope & Henry Layette Organic Cotton Long Sleeve Romper with Peter Pan Collar. Make sure to order well in advance!

Heirloom Portrait Age Range

All ages are welcomed for these portraits. However, ages 1-5 years old is the most popular for these images. Kindly not, your child will need to be able to sit on their own in order to get these images. If you have a 6 month old who can kind sit but you need to hold their legs or lower back for support, they are welcomed too. However, be ready to be laying on the ground to give that support and hide from the camera haha. It is a team effort for to get Heirloom Portraits in Georgia for those little babies! I would recommend at least 2 people to come to the session – first to help support & the second to encourage baby to laugh.

What is the Heirloom Minis Package?

The Heirloom Portraits in Georgia package is described below in detail – $85 ($25 non refundable deposit for each session, remaining balance due a week for the session)

1 child per session

5 minutes (with an extra 5 minute buffer if needed)

3 digital images included (You get to pick your 3 images)

Each image will be offered in color and B&W (Please note, You still only pick 3 images. You can choose which color/ B&W you want. They are NOT combined though equaling 6 images)

What are the add ons offered for Heirloom Portraits?

$10 per additional digital image or Full Gallery Upgrade for $50

$25 per composite – 3 or 5 shown as examples (Examples are below with multiple images in 1 frame)

$50 per Sibling Composite – you can have all of your kids added to one composite (Depending on the number of children, these are made from scratch to meet what is needed to fit all the siblings. That is why this option is high priced)

How to Book Your Heirloom Portrait Mini?

Click on this below link, scroll to June 27/28 and select a time that works for you! Please note, the booking documents & deposit invoice will be sent to your email later that evening after you reserve a time. These are going fast so make sure to select a time now! Pick your time – HERE!!!

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