painting Mini sessions in kingsland Georgia with studio family photographer

Painting Mini session in Kingsland Georgia

We must be crazy! Two mini sessions events happening at the same time at the same location. Yet, the Painting mini session in Kingsland Georgia went off perfectly!

Did a few stray hand prints make in on the wall?! Maybe… BUT the images turned out iconic! These Painting minis will definitely be returning. Now that we can speak from experience, here are some very real tips if you are planning a painting mini session or booked one. WARNING, these tips did happen in real life and may cause you to rethink if we are crazy?!

Mini session Tips for Photographers

Buy washable paint (don’t just buy the first item that pops up on Amazon when you search washable paint… it’s lies! TRUST ME)

Buy ALOT of paint with extra canvas, and paint brushes (kids tend to use a ton when you give them permission… umm like dump out an entire bottle kind of Ton)

Ask parents in advance to be ready to zone defense (2 years old with paint on hands tend to touch EVERYTHING, let’s prevent the damage before it’s been done, shall we?)

Have a corner dedicated to painting (a one sided backdrop is not enough. These are chaotic so be prepared to shoot from more than one angle. So think about surroundings)

Give clear instructions. Just off the top of my head…prep parents before they come to bring extra clothes because those might be ruined, tell the kids where they need to stay, tell them not to put the paint in their eye… nor their siblings eyes, etc.

Have cleaning supply and wipes on hand after every shoot

Painting Mini session Tips for Parents

Accept the fact that your kids will be dirty after their Painting mini session in Kingsland

Understand the clothes may be ruined so wear old outfits or cheap clothes

Consider getting in on the action with them! These are not just for kids, but families and couples too!

Have no expectations on what your kids will do. Just let them have fun and your photographer will capture the moments

Help your photographer catch runaway kids before paint lands on areas it should not be on.

Painting Mini Sessions Sneak peeks

Many families were unsure about the Painting mini session in Kingsland , but I am sure we can all agree, these turned out perfect. Don’t miss it next time. Join the email list HERE so you do not miss another mini session event or Holiday deal. Check out the sneak peeks below.

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