St Simons Maternity Photographer

St Simons Maternity Photographer

This gorgeous mama is on fire in the session at Driftwood beach! This St Simons Maternity Photographer could not wait to share this gallery. Let me tell you though, there is a story behind these images. First, a backstory!

Photographer’s Insight on Morning Sessions

With every new client, I always advise to have your session in the morning! For an endless number of reason, but the main few is what led us to this session.

First & foremost, you get the session over with early in the morning and you can enjoy the rest of your day. Most people feel sluggish by the end of the day because their energy is gone! If you do it in the morning, that cup of coffee is still pushing you forward. Your smiles tend to be a little bit bigger!

Second, the weather is way better! As you can imagine, it is HOT during the summer. However, morning sessions are a lot cooler (meaning no sweaty faces in the photos), way less bugs, and less likely to reschedule due to rain showers. Fun fact, during the summer there is A LOT of rain showers in Georgia. Due to this fact, most of my sessions that are in the evening are cancelled or rescheduled (That is always a bummer to tell a client photo session is not possible that day).

Third, there are way less people that will be in the background of your shots! This is so important to remember because photoshop can only do so much. A professional photographer knows it is best to line up the image in the camera perfectly versus the overly edited image from photoshop. (Some photographers even charge more for clearing up the background)

Maternity Photographer Nightmare

Now that you know the backstory, here is how this Maternity session went. Let me start off by saying, this couple were perfect and ready to go with the flow. Unfortunately, I was starting off the session with an uphill battle! It was overly hot, the bugs were biting terribly, and Driftwood beach was COVERED with other photographers taking family photos with their clients! (No pressure)

This is what was going through my mind…How on Earth am I suppose to get there wide shots with the beach crawling with people? This poor mama is getting eaten alive, How am I going to get her out of here before it is too much for her? How can I make this a great experience for her?

After 5 seconds of self doubt, I sucked it up and took control over the situation! This session definitely stretch my skills and increased my confidence as a professional photographer. We all left the beach with major growth as a person and laughing about the session we just did with ALOT of onlookers. Despite the challenges, this Maternity session turned out to be a stunning set of images for them to always have.

St Simons Photographer

Congrats to these two love birds!! I can not wait to meet your little girl and capture those adorable newborn photos and the grow-with-me sessions during her first year. As a St Simons Maternity Photographer, I am proud to share this shoot.

Luxurious Family Collection Details:

5 SESSIONS TOTAL (Substitutions are allowed for other events)
~ 30 minute baby announcement
~ 30 minute gender reveal (Color smoke bomb included for after your own reveal)
~ 1 hour maternity session
~ 1 hour lifestyle Newborn
~ 30 minute 1 year cake smash (cake included)
~ Access to all Props
~ FULL gallery return
~ Session Tips & Tricks for a better experience

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