Kingsland Senior Portrait Photographer

Kingsland Senior Portrait Photographer

Senior year is a time to celebrate! However, most teenagers do not like to take pictures. They feel awkward and uncomfortable walking into a senior portrait session. Instead of second guessing if you should even get them done. Go ahead and book a session knowing with confidence the pictures will turn out PERFECT! Here are some Session tips from a Kingsland Senior Portrait Photographer.

Tips for the Best Senior Portrait Session

From my experience, teenagers tend to be apprehensive walking into senior portrait session. They have a lot of concerns and confidence struggles during this crazy time in their lives. With all that in mind, Can we make a promise together? Let’s promise to make this session easy for them!

Here are a few tips to help them!

  1. Pick outfits that make them feel confident. For example, if your son LOVES surfing then lets make sure we choose attire that reflects that beach boy look. Once they are in clothes they actually like, the confidence is there and we have a blast taking photos from the beginning. Maybe it is hunting they enjoy, well we can find outfits for that too!
  2. Location is everything! Pick a place they live at. For example, if your daughter is a soccer player, consider the soccer field for her pictures!
  3. Props! If your senior is involved in any particular activity, it is always fun to try to capture that in the images.
  4. Bring someone with you to the session! They can hold the extra outfits & any props that you want to use for the session.
  5. Do not worry about practicing your poses. A professional photographer will guide you through it and give your prompts for more natural pictures.
  6. Let’s talk or dance to music! A session does not have to be quiet. We can play some music and just talk throughout the session. You do not need to be concerned about making weird faces (I will just delete those haha)

Take a look inside this senior session at Fort Clinch State Park in Jacksonville Florida. As a Kingsland Senior Portrait Photographer, these tips are perfect to help your teenager get ready for a great session. Message me if you are ready to book!

Are you looking for a family or Senior Portrait photographer in Kingsland or St Marys, Georgia?

Hi! I’m Calli, a Camden County high school senior portrait photographer specializing in candid and authentic photos that capture the love, fun and true personalities of each person. I am happy to serve seniors from woodbine, Kingsland Georgia, & St Marys Georgia. You ready to have an amazing time together for your Senior Portrait Session? Message me today!

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