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6 Tips for your Maternity Session

Not every woman feels confident with their bodies while pregnant. A lot of changes in such a short time to physically and mentally accept.  If that is the case for you, say this with me “I am powerful.  I am beautiful”. You are a warrior and your body is creating life. That should be captured, cherished, and celebrated.

When you look back at your maternity photos, you will remember the way it felt to carry that life inside and not the extra weight you gained while making that life. As your baby grows, they too will look at these photos and be awe- struck over the miracle that you were there first home.

Although you are already beautiful, here are some tips that will make you feel more comfortable at your maternity shoot:

Bring various outfits: It is important to feel comfortable but remember this is the time to show off that miraculous belly! Maybe wear a summer hat! Hint hint those extra items look stunning in photos.

Light colors clothes :  Avoid being “matchy-matchy”! The pictures are supposed to represent you. Let’s face it, no one matches clothes perfectly anymore in family photos. Just be sure the colors you each wear complement each other. Using a pop of color to tie all the outfits together will help them flow well. Neutral colors look gorgeous and effortless on camera (Blues, creams, blush pink, grey, brown all work with each other)

Just remember to be you and wear what makes you feel comfortable. Flowing dresses (maybe even little lace) can give a softness on camera and add to the comfort of the picture. It can give movement to the photo which works better for candid shots. Solid colored clothes flow better together. If there is a patterned shirt your  significant other loves, then make sure you are wearing a solid color so the patterns do not clash. If you are a heels type gal, be sure to bring flip flops too for those walks in between locations. We want to make sure you are comfortable and having fun!

Pamper yourself:  For the rest of your life it is going to be all about your new little one, take this time to pamper yourself. Get your nails and feet done, color your hair. Maybe a blow out before your session!

Be sentimental: You and your child are one for only a little more time. Don’t be afraid to steal a moment to yourself during the session. Hold your baby by hugging your stomach and close your eyes to savior the moment. Sometimes it’s the moments between the smiles that mean the most.

Choose the right photographer: It’s ok to be picky! (I want you to be with the right photographer even if it is not me! ) Choose a photographer that gets you! The more in sync you are with each other the better the session will go.

Trust your photographer: Be goofy and trust your photographer to capture the genuinely beautiful moments.

Are you looking for a maternity photographer in Camden County, Georgia?

Hi! I’m Calli, a Georgia maternity photographer specializing in candid and authentic photos that capture the love, fun and true personalities of each person. I am happy to serve families along the coast line of Georgia, from Savannah Georgia to Jacksonville Florida. You ready to have an amazing time together for your family session? Message me today!

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