Jekyll Island Elopement

Jekyll Island Elopement Tips from a Photographer

Your getting married!! Maybe you are even considering to plan a Jekyll Island Elopement ceremony. Unsure of how to plan, what to do, or where to go…Here are a few tips to take into account. Don’t worry though, You can always message me Here if you are looking for a photographer with experience in this matter!

What is your ideal Setting on Jekyll Island

By answering this question, you will have an idea of where you can have the ceremony at. Are you laid back beach people, fishing off a pier, intimate bridge location, vintage vibe, or even nature lovers? These are all great indications of where you should have your ceremony and pictures taken. Jekyll island holds all of these locations for couples. You just have to know where to look! (I can help you with that shhh)

Pick more than one location for your Elopement

Limiting your location = limiting your experience! Consider picking a second location to provide a different backdrop for couple portraits. The first location can be where your ceremony & family pictures are; such as Crane Cottage. Your second location is for the more private experience for your just the two of you… and your photographer of course haha. For example: Driftwood Beach. Pro Tip for Jekyll Island Elopements – Your Wedding dress will get dirty if you do Driftwood beach first. Something to consider!

Create Visual Elopement Intimacy

One fact you need to accept in advance. The island is full of vacationers that will be where ever you decide to have the ceremony & take pictures. Yet, In a public place, you can still achieve Intimacy. People will stay away if you dress the part. A simple wedding dress speaks volumes to onlookers so they know to back off a little. Does not mean it needs to be a big wedding dress if that is not your style.

Setting the scene helps too! If you are choosing the beach, beautiful candles and rose petals around you two during the ceremony definitely creates a little more of a romantic setting. As well as a visual beauty (always thinking about pictures haha) Perhaps you prefer candles and sear white fabric hanging from an oak tree with Spanish Moss.

Jekyll Island Elopement Experience

You can not go wrong with a Jekyll Island Elopement! Don’t be afraid to make it your own experience. Take a look below at an elopement we recently captured.

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