Tips for a Rainy Wedding

Georgia is CRAZY when it comes to weather! If you are getting married outside, you need to consider rain (Afterall, it will most likely happen…Sorry) Don’t let the weather bring you down on your wedding day. Just be prepared! Weather is an uncontrollable factor (if it was, I would be rich!), so do not even try! Instead, lets talk about ways you can prepare in advance to MAKE THE BEST OF IT! Here are tips for a Rainy Wedding.

Why you should be excited for Rain at your Wedding

First step, you to change your Point of View about rain! Why should you be excited for it instead of being disappointed on your wedding day.

  • Your love is come Rain or Shine – I bet you can remember a number of times during your relationship that rain made the day better for you two. Lets Add you wedding day to the list!
  • Rain makes amazing conditions for EPIC pictures – It is time to Embrace the Rain! Dance it, bring fun props that are going to make you laugh together instead of just hiding inside
  • Rain means good luck and long lasting marriages – did you know that a knot that becomes wet is harder to untie? Following that logic, when you “tie the knot” on a rainy day, your marriage is is harder to undo!

Ideas for a Rainy Wedding

There are a ton of unique ideas you can consider for a rainy wedding day. Here are a few to get your brainstorming started:

  • Talk to your venue to find out back up plans for a wedding day & what items they may already have to help save you money!
  • Consider Pashminas for your bridal party – depending on the time of year, the rain can be cold
  • Umbrellas – I do not think this needs an explanation
  • Two words – Rain Boots – Yes, this is a little goofy but who doesn’t want a little humor on their wedding day?
  • Back up reception dress & clothes – You are going to get wet, Therefore, your clothes will feel heavier and cold. Have backup outfits to change into when it becomes too much later in the evening!

Protect your wedding Dress from Rain

Rain equals Mud. Mud equals your dress getting dirty. Here are a few ideas to protect that stunning wedding dress you spent a small fortune on:

  • Purchase a bridal petticoat – These aren’t just for ballgowns, people! A vast array of petticoat styles are available, even for mermaid and trumpet-style wedding dresses. They lift the hem of the gown up ever-so-slightly to keep it from dragging on the ground.
  • Have the hem of your dress sprayed – You can always spray the hem yourself with something like Scotch guard, but we’d recommend taking it to the dry cleaners to have a professional do it for you.
  • Enlist the help of the bridal party – Ask your MOH or flower girls to hold your train as you walk to the different photo opp locations. Just remember to bring your umbrellas (more on that below).

Did this Tips for a Rainy Wedding help? I hope so! Might I go so far as to say you may even secretly want a little rain? (LITTLE amount of rain!)

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