christmas tree farm minis in kingsland georgia for family photographer

Christmas Tree Farm Minis in Kingsland Georgia

Mini session events are quickly becoming my most exciting days and exhausting days at the same time! I get the opportunity to see some of my most joyous families where the kids are excited to me. However, do not be mistaken by assuming a mini session event is “easy”. There is quite a bit of planning, prepping, and muscle that goes into these scenes. For example, let’s take a behind the scenes look into this Christmas Tree Farm Minis in Kingsland Georgia.

Christmas Minis Photography Backstory

Fun fact!! Christmas is my favorite season to decorate for (it reminds me of my parents house and brings back cherished childhood memories!)…. My least favorite task is unboxing the Christmas tree and fanning out the branches! My arms are always covered in irritated scratches afterwards. So imagine timing that by 15 Christmas trees (Yup, annoying). Then take those 15 trees and times that by 4! Four is the amount of times I unloaded those trees, put them together for the scene and then put them back away again… Wow. I am not gonna lie to you. There was a moment when I questioned by sanity when the event was rained out and I had to reschedule 25 families into 2 separate back up days haha.

The first day arrived for the Christmas Tree Farm minis in Kingsland Georgia and I was reminded why it was all WORTH IT! The kids were smiling (at least by the time the left they were smiling haha) and the parents who knew me all gave me really big hugs that made me feel like a great friend of the family. The second day was even better! There were so many new families and kids I quickly became a fan of (there were even some adorable pups that joined the fun). The pictures turned out to be better than I imagined. The best part is seeing them pop up on everyone’s Facebook profiles.

Mini Session Photographer in Kingsland Georgia

I probably will not be doing this scene for a couple more years (A person’s arms can handle only so many scratches haha). However, please join me in giving a BIG THANKS to all of my friends for letting me borrow their Christmas trees. I know I could have never pulled this off without their generosity & trust. Then, of course, there is my mother! She helped me bring by vision to real life for this Christmas Tree Farm minis in Kingsland Georgia. (Thank you MOM! Love you dearly)

Now that you know the back story (which does not include all the facts & details BTW), I hope you appreciate these pictures even more! Jan 1st, I will be announcing all of 2022 Mini session events on the email list. If you want first dib rights and exclusive access to the best photography package deals, join the email list HERE.

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