engagement session at fort clinch florida

Engagement session at Fort Clinch

Meet the future Mr & Mrs Wheeler! Christopher and Amanda met 2 years ago on EHarmony but has a twist that I adore. After their amazing first date, Amanda actually GHOSTED Chris for 3 months before popping back into his life on his birthday. I think it’s VERY important to say here that Christopher did nothing wrong. Amanda chose to take the time for herself before jumping into a relationship (I mean WOW, how amazing is it to make that choice so that the next relationship will be healthy. Absolutely Inspiring!) . After this period, Amanda bravely sent him a text saying Happy Birthday and their story flourished from there! I don’t know about you, but I actually love stories like this! It reminds me that loving relationships can take different roads but they are all beautiful!!

Just like their beginning, Chris’s proposal is hilariously “them”! I am getting ahead of myself though; so lets start from the beginning! Back in Feb, Amanda worked the night shift and Chris is a Camden county firefighter. You can imagine their schedules made it difficult to see each other sometimes. Chris came up with the brilliant idea to ask her to come home for lunch under the premises to spend time together. Chris was concerned though that Amanda would start crying. He wanted the moment to be a celebratory occasion filled with laughs…. so he had a plan to do just that. When Amanda showed up during lunch, Chris popped out of the closet holding the ring wearing nothing but his BIRTHDAY SUIT! (Yup completely naked!) Needless to say, Amanda was certainly laughing alright. So hard that she could not even answer haha. She eventually caught her breath, and said Yes! Hence the engagement session at Fort Clinch State Park where they had their first date!

Engagement Session at Fort Clinch

The Wheeler Wedding is in March 2020 at The Bluff venue and I can not wait! It feels amazing getting back into a year of weddings again and what better way to start than with these two!! Check out the adorable pictures below:

engagement session at fort clinch florida

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