bee birthday cake smash

Tori’s Bee-day Cake Smash in Kingsland Georgia

Happy “Bee-Day” to our 1 year old daughter, Tori! 

Like many of you, 4th of July looked very different for us this year! Covid 19 has disrupted our lives at every turn. Unexpected challenges came up that only made our family stronger. A part of me will always be thankful for the opportunity to spend so much time with Tori during her first year. As well as, Tori’s two amazing grandmothers who were willing to help take care of her while we, Joel & myself, worked and daycare was closed. It was evident that the quality time paid off when Tori giggled with glee at the sight of seeing them when they came for her birthday party over the holiday.

Despite cancelling Tori’s birthday celebration with our friends, we were blessed enough to have family join in the festivities. The party size may have decreased, the decorations did not! Please take a moment to show a little love for the decorations in the below pictures! I may have many talents, but party planning is not my strong suit. This talent belongs to my mom, Janet Pogue, with the assistance of my mother in law (who I call my Mom as well), Penny Kennedy. I could never have had the energy to decorate, cook, and clean for an small army that stayed at our house while pregnant. It is true when they say “It takes a village to raise a child” and our village is more than we deserve. 

When you book with a photographer (including an experienced professional), it is important to remember not all sessions are filled with perfect moments. (Especially when it comes to a photographer’s own child haha) No matter how much you plan, you can not avoid unpredictable things. Like a grumpy kid or bugs biting. There are always beautiful moments to be captured in between the tears! Check out the tears and all in the photos from Tori’s 1st birthday party. 

Bee theme birthday decorations 1st birthday yellow cake smash

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